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We understand that there are deadlines for tax returns and court procedures; therefore our skilled accountants are committed to performing business valuations in a timely manner. There are various methodologies that can be applied to determine the value of an operating business, and we know exactly what to look for to attain a fair valuation that reflects the true worth of your business.

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Business valuations are prepared for various reasons, from legal separation to estate planning. Whatever the reason, it can be an emotional and sobering process. No two businesses are alike. When you couple the variables in types of businesses, business valuation methodologies, and the uniqueness of your business, the process can be bewildering. However, our experience as accountants and advisors helps us to eliminate those variables, making the process clearer for all parties to understand. Whether the valuation is challenged by an adversary or by the IRS, we are there. We have testified before The American Arbitration Association, are members of the National Association of Valuation Analysts, have been before judges and have given countless depositions. Regardless of the type of report prepared from a simple calculation to a complete valuation report, we will help you see the process through to its conclusion.

Steven Carmosino, Partner

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